5 Best Herbs for Better Bone Health and Muscle Movement

Growing old brings along wealth and wisdom, but unfortunately, it takes away one of the most vital things, your health. However, it is not necessary that one needs to age at the expense of their health. One can also age in a healthy manner, by taking good care of the bones and muscles.

Incorporating healthy supplements like our Thera-P remedy into your daily routine can help you improve your overall bone and muscle health. The ingredients used in this supplement are beneficial and they can help with various body and joint pains.

Here are some of the ingredients that are included in the supplements for bones and joints such as our Thera-P Remedy that can certainly help in regulating your bodily health.


Bioperin is one of the black pepper fruit extracts and it is used in numerous supplements for bones and joints. Bioperin is a Piperine extract that contains black pepper which is commonly found in almost every household. There is a plethora of benefits associated with this herb:

First, it helps with inflammation, which could be caused due to bone and joint issues such as arthritis. Inflammation is a normal response; however, chronic inflammation is concerning. Through studies, it has been found that Bioperin possesses anti-inflammatory properties that keep chronic inflammation at bay and saves you and helps you with pain relief for joints and muscles.

Second, Bioperine ensures that the essential vitamins and minerals present in your diet are fully absorbed and you benefit from them. A nutritious diet is essential, especially when you grow old, and it is imperative that the diet you are consuming is properly absorbed into your system.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties that are very useful in curing bone and joint conditions such as arthritis. When you age, your bone health deteriorates and issues like the crackling of bones and pain in your body are very common. However, supplements like Thera-P Remedy containing turmeric are great for pain prevention. It is a great anti-inflammatory agent, which is included in many medicines prescribed for arthritis.

Through many research experiments, it has also been proved that adding a small amount of turmeric to your daily diet would relax your body after a long session of workout. As muscle soreness can also be cured through turmeric extract. Apart from bone and muscular health, it also helps in treating digestive and liver problems.

All these properties of turmeric extract make it a perfect ingredient to be included in your diet for bones and muscle health.


Bromelain is another essential herb to cure issues related to your bone and muscle health. It is a dietary supplement that can help with reducing inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation could be caused by bone and joint issues such as arthritis, and Bromelain is used in medicines for osteoarthritis and in medicines to reduce soreness in the muscles.

Arthritic pain in the shoulders and knee is treated primarily through this herb, and many prescribed medicines contain bromelain. As you age, you experience chronic pain in your body and therefore bromelain coupled with many other herbs can help in relieving that pain. Knee bones also get weak as we age, so especially to heal your knee pain, this herb works magically and cures mild to severe knee osteoarthritis.

Pine Bark Extract

Extracted from pine trees, pine bark extract is another beneficial herb that helps in dealing with bone and muscle issues. Our supplement Thera-P Remedy also contains this herb which makes it super effective for your bones and joint health. One of the major issues surrounding bones and joints is arthritis and it is caused by inflammation in your bones. Pine bark extracts ensure that the inflammation in your bones is cured fully and through thorough research, it has been shown that the herb can also boost your immunity.

Aging can make your body a little slow and if you are someone, who loves to play sports and stay active, then incorporating pine bark extract can essentially help you in improving your activity by giving you an energy boost.


Rutin is a powerful antioxidant that can enrich your body with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. It also helps with tackling the issues like pain and regulating your bone and muscle health. It is commonly used in supplements for bones and joints and it helps in easing arthritic pain, by lowering the level of inflammation in bones. Research has also shown that Rutin can improve knee function in arthritis patients.

So, by incorporating supplements like THERA-P Complete that contain all these five herbs, you can keep your bones and muscles healthy, and can live a strong and healthy life! Then greying old can definitely be fun, as you will be able to actively live each and every moment.