About us

Thera-P Remedy® is USA based company that specialized in Nature Health. We are a group of dedicated Physicians and Pharmacists that share strong believes in Nutraceuticals as pharmacological alternative and/or as addition to medicinal drugs.


Our Mission

Our products are based on science and sound research. We sourced the best ingredients that is tested by their producers. Then, we retested again in third party laboratory based in USA. We apply a strict quality control measures throughout the process. That is include but are not limited to, research, materials selection, testing, manufacturing, marketing and after marketing quality measures.

Our Story

How it all began

My mom had severe arthritis. Her arthritis started in her big joints such as the knee with severe pain, swelling, and limitation in her movements. Many years later, arthritis affected her hands. As many people do, she was dependent on strong analgesics and sometimes pain killers.

I decided to do extensive research on natural ingredients. Then, the idea hits me that I must come up with a formula that will help my mother, myself, and everyone else. A formula that will help the elderly and athletes alike. 

The Thera-P Complete was born.

We developed our product based on science and countless hours of sound research. We sourced the best ingredients that are tested by their producers. Then, we retested again to improve our formula in third party laboratory based in USA.

Expect the unexpected

Then, the pandemic hit NYC extremely hard in March 2020. I was furloughed from our outpatient facility for a few months. I saw this as an opportunity to bring my formula to life. I dreamed of my mom being able to move her hands and knees freely without pain. I imagined her standing in the kitchen cooking my favorite meals. She is a wonderful cook, even better than my sister who studied culinary art in her college!

I spent numerous hours on additional research and added more ingredients to help boost the immune system too. 

Friends from the past

I called two of my dearest friends who graduated from the same university more than 37 years ago.
We emigrated to the United States around the same time more than 20 years ago. One of them is MD, double board-certified, with a love for natural health. The second is a professor of Pharmacology. He is a brilliant pharmacologist with a love for alternative medicinal drugs. We worked hard together until the end of 2020 to come out with the formula. The product entered the market earlier this year. It did help my mother, our families, and ourselves a lot. I recently enjoyed some of my mother's lovely meals.

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